Friday, August 29, 2008


What do you think?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Color is your Death Knight?

I've seen a metric ton of postings in various blogs, fora and websites describing in detail what the Death Knight is like to play, their available specs, the pure awesomeness of their starting zone, the keenness of their riding mounts, and so forth.

What I really want to know is this:

What is the default color for the class-specific coloring of a Death Knights' name?

Let's review. We've got priests that are white, rogues are yellow, druids are orange, hunters are green, mages are cyan, shamans are blue, warlocks are purple, warriors are brown and paladins are pink.

From your standard box of 8 Crayolas, the only colors left are red and black. Black I think is out because it won't necessarily show up on the "darkish" background of most windows. Red has to be ruled out because many of the mods that use class coloration use red to represent the player.

What's left then?

I think there are really three decent choices:

  • Grey: There's something to be said for keeping with the darker hues to reflect the death-iness of it all. Again the actual saturation of the grey would have to be pretty light since too dark a grey (a charcoal if you will) would blend into too many backgrounds. Some unit frames that use class colorization also grey out for units out of range. The greys may be too similar.
  • Tan: This would be visually distinct from just about every other class. Depending on exact shade used, it might be too close to warriors. This was a problem with mage-shaman distinction early in Burning Crusade.
  • Seafoam: The blue-violet end of the spectrum gets pretty crowded, which leaves us looking somewhere in the green-yellow area.

So, while I'd most like to see grey, I think the seafoam is more likely. If anyone actually knows, let me know!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Warrior Hit Rating

First off, I want to apologize to two DPS warriors in my guild. Last night in a Zul'Aman run I was musing on the lack of hit rating on both Schaden and Atalex. It seemed intuitive to me that since "white attacks" were counting for about 30-40% of their damage that they should want to do everything in their power to make those attacks not miss.

I promised to do some research and call them out by name if they were wrong in insisting that capping their special attacks at 142 hit rating was enough. I was so sure I was going to be vindicated and belittle them. It turns out, I'm the one that is belittled. I consulted Elitist Jerks and looked on the DPS Warrior Compendium. It turns out that Hit Rating is very important up to 142, which is the soft hit cap. At the soft hit cap, special attacks (i.e., Yellow Damage) no longer misses. Once a DPS warrior hits that cap, other statistics become more important including dodge, Armor Penetration, and others.

I'm apologizing to both Atalex and Schaden. I was wrong. You guys rock on DPS. Keep it up and be sure to make fun of me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hunter (Re) Gemming

So my hunter is pretty well set up now. I finally got the Nethercobra Leg Armor on my leggings. I'm just an enchant away from replacing Savagery on my Legacy with 35 Agility. And now I look at my gems.

What I'm looking for in gemming is to replace all of my blue quality gems with epics. I'm going to be trying to get my hit rating over the 142 cap but as little OVER 142 as possible. Right now I'm 3 points over-capped. In general, I'm going to favor Agility over Attack Power. AP is probably the easiest buff to get in raids; agility is harder to come by.

Here's the table, showing my plans:

HelmYellow+4HR/+4AGI+10AP/+5Crit Rating

Meta+24AP/Minor Run Speed+12AGI/3%Crit Damage
ShoulderRed+24 AP+24 AP

Yellow+8 HR+10 HR
ChestYellow+5 Crit/+10 AP+5 Crit/+10 AP


With these changes, I'll lose 2 hit rating (taking me down to 143 - still hit capped) and 22 AP.

I'll gain 5 Crit Rating, 14 Agility, 2 Stamina and 3% extra critical strike damage.

Since 1 AGI = 1 AP, I'll make up 14 of the lost 22 AP (net loss of 8). Additionally, my crit percent will go up 5/22.08% (from Crit Strike Rating) and 14 x 0.025% (from Agility). This is a .58% increase. I'll also be enjoying the 3% extra damage from critical strikes from the different Meta Gem.

The only drawback is even though I'm a jewelcrafter, I'm not exalted with the Consortium. Thus have no source for the recipe. Let's hope the guildmaster IS exalted with them.

Friday, August 8, 2008

In the interest of Full Disclosure

My previous post may have led the casual reader to believe that my guild has lost the ability to even take out someone like Baron Rivendare. Let me lay that misconception to rest.

In a concerted effort, we achieved a guild first of unlocking the first TWO chests in Zul'Aman last night. It was awesome to still have three minutes left on the timer as the second boss went down.

We hurriedly cleared to the Dragonhawk Dude, but only had about five minutes left by the time we got all the way there and so took a more leisurely stab at him.

I'm not saying our slump is over, but I'm happy to report this piece of positive news.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Progression Blues

I normally don't make the sorts of posts that just report on "what I did this week," but today I'm going to because I'm seeing it as symptomatic of a new expansion looming.

While we normally raid fairly well, the last week or so, we've just not been nailing it as normal. Here's the recap:

  • Fridays we do (at least) the first boss in Mount Hyjal. I wouldn't say we farm him, but he generally goes down. Usually we have to wipe on the first attempt and get him the next time. We had epic fail on Friday and never got him down.
  • Saturdays we do Serpentshrine. Lurker is on clear farm (although it's still a long fight) and we've gotten Morogrim to under 1/4 of his health. This week we had 16 people show up for the raid. *cancelled* Some went to finish a Kara from earlier in the week, others swapped to alts, I did the daily heroic.
  • Sundays is generally a Black Temple Trash clear up to and maybe including first boss. Not enough online a fresh Kara was started
  • Mondays we do Zul'Aman. We're generally very, very close to second chest. This time a wipe on the Eagle made sure we didn't even try for the second. And some untimely disconnects precluded us from doing the Bear. I went a did the daily heroic.
  • Tuesdays we farm Gruul's & Magtheridon's Lairs. An hour in each and we're usually done. I was excited for this raid because I was slated to get my Champion of the Naaru title. Two and a half hours later Gruul finally was defeated. No need to mention that Magtheridon never happened.
So, what is it? Content we know well and have done easily in the past is giving us problems. New content is eluding us either because we don't have the folks online or can't seem to muster the strength to conquer it. Is it just pre-expansion depression? I wish I knew.

If I don't get my Naaru Champion title soon, I'll scream.