Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Progression Blues

I normally don't make the sorts of posts that just report on "what I did this week," but today I'm going to because I'm seeing it as symptomatic of a new expansion looming.

While we normally raid fairly well, the last week or so, we've just not been nailing it as normal. Here's the recap:

  • Fridays we do (at least) the first boss in Mount Hyjal. I wouldn't say we farm him, but he generally goes down. Usually we have to wipe on the first attempt and get him the next time. We had epic fail on Friday and never got him down.
  • Saturdays we do Serpentshrine. Lurker is on clear farm (although it's still a long fight) and we've gotten Morogrim to under 1/4 of his health. This week we had 16 people show up for the raid. *cancelled* Some went to finish a Kara from earlier in the week, others swapped to alts, I did the daily heroic.
  • Sundays is generally a Black Temple Trash clear up to and maybe including first boss. Not enough online a fresh Kara was started
  • Mondays we do Zul'Aman. We're generally very, very close to second chest. This time a wipe on the Eagle made sure we didn't even try for the second. And some untimely disconnects precluded us from doing the Bear. I went a did the daily heroic.
  • Tuesdays we farm Gruul's & Magtheridon's Lairs. An hour in each and we're usually done. I was excited for this raid because I was slated to get my Champion of the Naaru title. Two and a half hours later Gruul finally was defeated. No need to mention that Magtheridon never happened.
So, what is it? Content we know well and have done easily in the past is giving us problems. New content is eluding us either because we don't have the folks online or can't seem to muster the strength to conquer it. Is it just pre-expansion depression? I wish I knew.

If I don't get my Naaru Champion title soon, I'll scream.


Selmatrixie said...

I think part of it is summer. That does tend to be a hard time because people (MALLWIND) are gone out on vacation, or think they need to have a life outside the game while it is warm.

I feel your pain love. Rarely do I get as mad as I was Tuesday. It is just a game after all, but I was FURIOUS that night.

That said, it will get better. I think we needed last night, especially the laughs at the end.

Babygorn said...

Crap doesnt help that most people that play this game are mostly progression oriented and are ADD enough that they get depressed because there is "nothing new" to do. I have not met ANYONE that has done EVERYTHING in WoW.

Our Farmathon was a great relief and I actually felt that I was doing something fun AND helpful WHILE I was having fun. It was SO sweet not to worry about a boss going down, a wipe in a certain area, etc. It was a HOOT