Friday, August 8, 2008

In the interest of Full Disclosure

My previous post may have led the casual reader to believe that my guild has lost the ability to even take out someone like Baron Rivendare. Let me lay that misconception to rest.

In a concerted effort, we achieved a guild first of unlocking the first TWO chests in Zul'Aman last night. It was awesome to still have three minutes left on the timer as the second boss went down.

We hurriedly cleared to the Dragonhawk Dude, but only had about five minutes left by the time we got all the way there and so took a more leisurely stab at him.

I'm not saying our slump is over, but I'm happy to report this piece of positive news.

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Selmatrixie said...

And then we did the same thing on Fri night. And as I type this, we just took down Lurker. We are still golden. Told ya so!!!