Monday, August 11, 2008

Hunter (Re) Gemming

So my hunter is pretty well set up now. I finally got the Nethercobra Leg Armor on my leggings. I'm just an enchant away from replacing Savagery on my Legacy with 35 Agility. And now I look at my gems.

What I'm looking for in gemming is to replace all of my blue quality gems with epics. I'm going to be trying to get my hit rating over the 142 cap but as little OVER 142 as possible. Right now I'm 3 points over-capped. In general, I'm going to favor Agility over Attack Power. AP is probably the easiest buff to get in raids; agility is harder to come by.

Here's the table, showing my plans:

HelmYellow+4HR/+4AGI+10AP/+5Crit Rating

Meta+24AP/Minor Run Speed+12AGI/3%Crit Damage
ShoulderRed+24 AP+24 AP

Yellow+8 HR+10 HR
ChestYellow+5 Crit/+10 AP+5 Crit/+10 AP


With these changes, I'll lose 2 hit rating (taking me down to 143 - still hit capped) and 22 AP.

I'll gain 5 Crit Rating, 14 Agility, 2 Stamina and 3% extra critical strike damage.

Since 1 AGI = 1 AP, I'll make up 14 of the lost 22 AP (net loss of 8). Additionally, my crit percent will go up 5/22.08% (from Crit Strike Rating) and 14 x 0.025% (from Agility). This is a .58% increase. I'll also be enjoying the 3% extra damage from critical strikes from the different Meta Gem.

The only drawback is even though I'm a jewelcrafter, I'm not exalted with the Consortium. Thus have no source for the recipe. Let's hope the guildmaster IS exalted with them.


Selmatrixie said...

Well Bremm, you happen to be in luck. I think that amazing GM of yours has every meta in the game. EVERY META IN THE GAME.

She has no life and is therefore exalted with every faction except CoT and thats because BM sucks.

I bet she will even make it for ya. For a price, Baby doesn't NEED to go to BlizzCon does he??

Brehm said...

LOL. I can't possibly offer Baby's Blizzcon ticket to you. Remember, I'm always with striking distance of Baby :-)