Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Color is your Death Knight?

I've seen a metric ton of postings in various blogs, fora and websites describing in detail what the Death Knight is like to play, their available specs, the pure awesomeness of their starting zone, the keenness of their riding mounts, and so forth.

What I really want to know is this:

What is the default color for the class-specific coloring of a Death Knights' name?

Let's review. We've got priests that are white, rogues are yellow, druids are orange, hunters are green, mages are cyan, shamans are blue, warlocks are purple, warriors are brown and paladins are pink.

From your standard box of 8 Crayolas, the only colors left are red and black. Black I think is out because it won't necessarily show up on the "darkish" background of most windows. Red has to be ruled out because many of the mods that use class coloration use red to represent the player.

What's left then?

I think there are really three decent choices:

  • Grey: There's something to be said for keeping with the darker hues to reflect the death-iness of it all. Again the actual saturation of the grey would have to be pretty light since too dark a grey (a charcoal if you will) would blend into too many backgrounds. Some unit frames that use class colorization also grey out for units out of range. The greys may be too similar.
  • Tan: This would be visually distinct from just about every other class. Depending on exact shade used, it might be too close to warriors. This was a problem with mage-shaman distinction early in Burning Crusade.
  • Seafoam: The blue-violet end of the spectrum gets pretty crowded, which leaves us looking somewhere in the green-yellow area.

So, while I'd most like to see grey, I think the seafoam is more likely. If anyone actually knows, let me know!


Horns said...

DK's are red (officially, not a guess)

Brehm said...

Oh. How wrong I was.

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