Thursday, July 24, 2008

Five Man Preparation

It's been a while since I've done a non-heroic five-man on any of my characters. Luckily, I approach these instances much like I'd approach a raid. In short:

  • Have elixirs. Two is better, but one is okay too. I don't waste flasks here, usually even not on heroic.
  • Have buff food. Even if it's just Stamina food.
  • Are you reasonably enchanted? I wouldn't kick you for not having EVERY slot up to date, but if the gear is good and the enchant is reasonably acquired, go ahead and put it on. It won't hurt. Gear that is not great or slated to be replaced is exempt.
  • I don't worry or care about mana or wizard oil. It might not be worth the expense. Same for stones. Poisons are always required though.
  • Every gem slot should be filled. Even if it's with a throwaway greenie.
  • Have at least a few emergency health or mana pots.
  • Have bullets (or arrows or whatever). Mostly for huntards, but please don't run out
  • Have you repaired?
So, there's the subset of raiding checklist that I apply for five-mans. I treat heroics somewhere between a normal five-man and a raid. I'm more likely to use mana oil in a heroic, but probably won't blow a flask.

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