Monday, November 5, 2007

Raiding Checklist!

So you think you're ready to raid? Let's take a little quiz:

1. Do you have enough flasks and/or elixirs to survive for how long you're going to be at it? Please take into account that flasks last two hours. If your raid is scheduled to run for three hours, you're going to need more than one. Flasks are expensive but don't have to be reapplied after each death. If you opt to go for the less expensive elixirs, have enough to reapply after EACH death for the length of the run. Also make sure you're using both a guardian and a battle elixir. Yes. Both.

2. Do you have enough food? Any buff food is good, but a spellcaster eating attack power food is worthless. I wrote a blog post about food for raids. Please have the right food on-hand to reapply any time you die. If you absolutely cannot cook it yourself, make sure you have someone who cooks it for you before hand or who can cook it right before the raid. If you go for the latter, please bring the cook the needed materials for a fire.

3. Is your gear enchanted? Anyone's gear that fits in the following slots can be enchanted: Cloak, Chest, Wrist, Gloves, Boots, Shield, Sword. If you are an enchanter, you can enchant your own rings. Please do not show up to a raid with gear not enchanted. If you absolutely must get an enchant right before the raid, make sure the enchanter is carrying his or her enchanting rod and that you bring the right materials for the enchant.

4. Are you carrying enough weapon enhancers? Here I'm speaking of Mana or Wizard Oil, Poisons, Sharpening or Weight Stones. These little enhancers may seem trivial but can be very important.

5. Do your shoulders have an inscription? Does your helmet have a glyph? Is there something in your pants? Inscriptions come from your Aldor/Scryer factions. Glyphs are for sale by most quartermasters at both honored and revered levels. And I wrote a post about pants.

6. Is your gear gemmed? Please, please, please don't walk into a raid with open gem slots. You'll just look foolish.

7. Do you have enough health and/or mana potions? This is kind of a no-brainer, no?

8. Bullets or Arrows? Rogues, Hunters, Warriors please have enough. For rogues or warriors, a stack (or two) is fine. Hunters should be prepared for anything.

9. Do you have any situational items? Think about second gear sets for an off-role. Repair bots for engineers. Resistance gear or potions might make sense too.

10. Enough bag space to loot? Mostly a joke, but with everything else you've brought make sure you've got some slots to receive your phat lewtz.

Hope you enjoyed the quiz. And you better have passed -- with flying colors.


Oh. There's two more...

11. Do you have pet food? If your pet is going to die (and it likely will at some point) have some food to make him happy. If it's a bear and will eat mage conjured food, you're lucky, if not have something else. And don't forget sporeling snacks (or in 2.3 the new pet foods) to give your pet a food buff too.

12. (And this one is mighty important) BE ON TIME AND BE REPAIRED. Do I really need to expound on this one?


TJ said...

I ran out of wizard oil last night. I thought I brought a full bottle, but I only had two charges left.

/weeps softly in shame

You wake it, you tank it. said...

Be on time... please god just be ready and be on time.