Wednesday, September 19, 2007

And eat first...

While I was leveling all of my characters took up cooking. The tiny buff it gave (although at level 5, +4 Stamina/+4 Spirit is not "small") made that grind a little easier. And I'm so glad I did. Because now I have access to some of the most required buffs for heroics/raids. I've recapped the various buffs you can get from foods and who I think might benefit. (Note: These are only the Outland recipes because that's where I am. A list of lower level food could be ascertained by visiting any of the big data sites or Kaliope's Crafting Blog.)

  • Hunters/Melee DPS:
  1. Ravager Dog (+40 Attack Power, +20 Spirit)
  2. Grilled Mudfish, Warp Burger (+20 Agility, +20 Spirit)
  • Casters:
  1. Blackened Sporefish (8 mana/5 seconds, +20 Spirit)
  2. Poached Bluefish, Blackened Basilisk (+23 spell damage, +23 Spirit)
  3. Crunchy Serpent (+23 spell damage, +20 Spirit)
  • Healers:
  1. Blackened Sporefish (8 mana/5 seconds, +20 Spirit)
  2. Golden Fishsticks (+44 Healing, +20 Spirit)
  • Tanks (Warriors - Paladins might like caster food and druids think about melee food)
  1. Roasted Clefthoof (+20 Strength, +20 Spirit)
  • Anyone:
  1. Buzzard Bites, Clambar, Feltail Delight, Talbuk Steak (+20 Stamina, +20 Spirit)
  2. Spicy Crawdad, Fisherman's Feast (+30 Stamina, +20 Spirit)
If you leveled fishing and cooking these buffs take nothing but a few minutes to get. If you stick to the non-fishing variety there's also something for everyone. Heck, get a fellow guild member to cook for you if necessary. It's polite to provide them with the raw materials though if you're asking them to cook, for instance, in the entry hall of Karazhan too. Most of the above recipes don't require any materials other than the meat/fish.

Most of the ingredients are completely easy to figure out, but if you need to check out Kaliope's Crafter's Tome if you need to know for sure what the ingredients are.


neshura said...

I loooove the Ravager Dogs, but hadn't til recently considered that maybe Warp Burgers would be better (mostly because I had a lot of Ravager flesh). Given the chance, I always grab the +Agility gear on the premise that crits are the best, but hadn't been doing the same for food. Should I be farming the mats for the agility food buffs instead?

Brehm said...

Well, I think the answer Neshura is "There is no answer." There are many varieties of hunters and many varieties of stats where we have "holes." I think the intelligent thing to do is look at what's lacking based on your build and gear and fill that hole with the food that comes closest. As long as you're not eating spell damage or healing food, you're probably all right

Scott said...

I keep the Stamina buff food on Owaru( 70 Paladin Tank ). Spell damage isn't a big deal. It helps to have spell damage but our gimped health bar is what needs the biggest boost.