Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pulling Weeds and Hemming

For anyone following, on Friday, my warlock who had previously dropped mining was up to 117 herbalism and the priest had begun to accumulate cloth in preparations for starting the sewing.

By Saturday evening, Bremette the warlock was at 325 herbalism. I chose to stop her here because that's the first time she could pick Terocone. And the big herbs I use on a regular basis in alchemy only go up to Terocone. Sure I use Netherbloom, Nightmare Vine and Mana Thistle, but not as much as the triumvirate of Felweed, Dreaming Glory, and Terocone. So I just stopped.

Enter Bremm the priest. On his way through Stormwind City he was unlearning his herbalism. After a quick trip to the mailbox to pick up stockpiled linen and wool, he was off to train. And away we go. Boy do those points fly by when you're getting a point for every stinking bolt of linen you make. Unfortunately, it really starts slowing down fast. And Blizzard...why oh why do you make us run out of the newbie tailoring area, up the hill, around the corner and into another shop? I bet I looked around for 3 minutes before I finally went back and actually read what the NPC said. Anyway training-sewing-training-sewing.


I ran out of silk.

Quick run through Scarlet Monastery for guildies with me getting all the cloth and I'm back in business.


I ran out of runecloth.

Quick run through Scholomance for guildies with me getting all the cloth and I'm back in business.

*BAM* - Wait, no sound effects this round. By this time, the call had gone out that I was doing this and the donations started rolling in. I got netherweave from just about EVERYONE. Big donations were Baby, Larilex, Nightchills, and (god love him) Werenal.

Recap: I'm at 362 Tailoring and waiting on getting some netherweb spider silk and the lock's herbalism has hit 350. Not a bad weekends work.

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