Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Farmer God

There's this guy in my guild, a hunter, who jokingly has his guild information set to "The Farmer God." He's not far off.

His incomplete list of achievements:

  • Got his epic flying mount and netherdrake (only one in the guild).
  • Successfully farmed Scholomance (with a partner) until both the recipe for flask of supreme power and the ace of portals dropped.
  • Routinely lays waste to mobs in Netherstorm and has ground up his Aldor Faction with the proceeds.
  • Pays back loans in the hundreds of gold in less than a day.
  • Dropped Skinning and mined his way from 1 to 375 in 18 hours.
  • Has delivered in excess of 200 stacks of netherweave cloth to budding tailors.
  • Found and ground 40 netherweb spider silk overnight.
  • Comes to a raid prepared with food for any class and role combination that might come to the run.
  • Passes out in excess of 20 mana potions for raids & runs even though he might only use 2 or 3.
  • Nearly single-handedly supplied my recent tailoring misadventures by filling my mailbox with cloth and spider silk.
  • Has personal conversations with the hunters he leads to suggest spec and gear replacements.
  • Takes criticism of his particular style and build into account and comes back next time stronger than ever.
  • He steadfastly researches the gear and build he needs to make himself great.
He's not the most l337 hunter I've ever seen. He makes mistakes in his shot rotation. He does some funky things with his spec. But all in all, there's no other hunter I'd rather count on. He keeps my squishy butt alive when I'm healing and he goes toe-to-toe with me on the DPS race when I'm on another toon. When I (used to) tank, he never pulled aggro off of me.

Here's to you Werenal. I just wanted you to know how much you're appreciated. And as BRK would say, "Pass the Ammo"

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