Thursday, May 8, 2008

Useful Links

I was having a bit of blogger's block today and have sort of struggled for a topic most of the day. In the end, when I'm struggling I tend to make a list of things. And if you review any portion of my blog, you'll see a lot of lists. In fact, if I ever move to a self-host, I may just have to recast this blog as "Bremm's Lists of Useful Things."

Anyhow, today isn't about anything in game. Instead, its the websites about the game that you can use. I've sort of broken them down into sections.

Research about quests, specs, items and what not
These are the sorts of places where you go to figure out "who drops Legacy?" or "where is Scout Jyoba?"* They each contain search boxes where you can type any name from the game. Most of them also have a talent calculator.

  • WoWDB This is my new site. It has everything I need and (supposedly) no hidden virii disguising themselves as advertisements. I particularly like the ability to have tooltips from items compare to what your default character (registration required) is wearing. Makes upgrade planning easy.
  • Wowhead Used to be my favorite and looks and behaves very much like WoWDB above.
  • Allakhazam and Thottbot are the old school versions that lead to snazzy places like Wowhead. Apparently "thottbot" has also became a verb.
General information about classes, math, bosses, strategies
There's only one link in here. It's the place I go to start most any research. Everyone should know about this. It's Wowwiki.

Information about your character in game
These websites are all about rating your character. Mostly for increasing your epeen.
  • BeImba! This site looks at your gear, evaluates your gear and spec and tells you where you should be raiding and what enhancements you need to make to your gear to get better.
  • Gankbang This site looks at you and your server and ranks where you personally are across the server.
  • Warcrafter This site is both a rating for your character and allows sandbox mode where you can change gear, enchants, spec and gems. Awesome for planning out who to be once you're finished with a character.
  • Reputation Calculator This site lists your reputation with various factions (Outland only) and lists what repeatable quests you need to do to advance to the next level. For certain factions it also shows how many days it "should" take you to advance.
  • Gem Finder This site helps you find gems to increase your gear. Sortable by quality and effect. Just awesome.
* Extra points to anyone who can answer both of these without using any research site :o)


neshura said...

Of the ones I hadn't heard of before, I found them all to be interesting/useful except for gankbang, which did not return any useful information to me despite multiple attempts.

K said...

Legacy, iirc, is from Opera in Karazhan.

Scout Jyoba, iirc, is the night elf that's in front of the Coilfang instances.

(scurries off to see if she's correct!)

K said...

1/2 correct.

(#2 sneaky. I should get points for getting the right zone! But having never done that side of the game... sneaky sneaky.)

Brehm said...

Yes. I am a sneaky, sneaky man! :-) I had to give some kinda shout out to my hordie readers, right?