Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Engineering Drop Recipes

Hi all. Back from a longish weekend in celebration of my birthday that included many things WoW. I'll post full(er) updates later on in the week about what went on, but I wanted to make a quick list of Engineering Drop Recipes for you all to go farm.

Luckily there are only seven recipes to worry about:


Blade's Edge Mountains

  • Doomforge Engineers drop schematics for Felsteel Boomstick
  • Gan'arg Analysts drop Field Repair Bot, 110G schematics
  • Sunfury Archers drop schematics for Adamantite Arrow Machine
  • Sunfury Bowman (God Blizz, name these mobs more distinctly) drop schematics for Khorium Scope
Shadowmoon Valley
  • Mo'Arg Weaponsmiths drop schematics for Hyper-Vision Goggles

  • Mekgineer Steamrigger drops Rocket Boots Xtreme (Leather variety)
  • Mechano-Lord Capacitus drops Rocket Boots Xtreme (Cloth)
  • Attumen drops Stabilized Eternium Scope

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