Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Easy Gold Making Tips (Daily Quests)

Since Burning Crusade, it's become easier than ever to make gold in World of Warcraft. I'm sure Blizzard has done this on purpose. It's a good way to help combat the urge players get to buy gold, it keeps interest in the game up, and it gives people who only have an hour to play something to do.

I have an order associated with how I do my daily quests. This works well for me, you may need to tweak it for your circumstances.

  1. I'm always hearthed in Shattrath city, so the first thing I do is fly out to Slimyr Lake and check if I have the fishing skill needed to complete the daily fishing quest. Currently, the fishing on my hunter is only around 260 skill, so with lures he can do either the Shrimp quest or the Crocolisks in the City quest. If it's Shrimp, I take a short jaunt out to Zangarmarsh and do that one. (Either 25 or 24 quests left)
  2. Back to Shattrath and check the cooking quest. I usually don't pick it up now because I'm shortly headed to the Sunwell Isle and none of them are completed out there.
  3. Pick up the Nether Residue quest (there are mines on the island).
  4. Take the portal to Sunwell.
  5. Pick up the Ley Line scrying quest, the boat bombing and demon bombing quests, the demon killing/banner placing quest, the robot draining quest, the mana remnants quest and killing 15 different Blood Elf quest.
  6. Head off to kill robots & collect mana remnants. Turn those two in. (Either 23 or 22 quests left)
  7. Head over to the docks and do the two bombing quests. Head down to read the crystal and kill the 6 summoners, 3 marksmen and 6 blood knights.
  8. Go over to the demon portal, scry the portal and kill 6 demons. Find the corpse of the harbinger and stake it. Turn in four quests that are complete. (Either 19 or 18 quests left)
  9. Pick up the Darkspine Ore Quest and the Greengill coast quest. Head over there, kill the myrmidons for keys (until you have 3) and casters for orbs. Free 10 murlocs and collect 3 ore. Head over to the shrine and scry that.
  10. Head back to town and turn in 3 quests. (Either 16 or 15 left).
  11. Pick up the Rootthorn quest and the Atamal Artifacts quest. Use the quest reward from killing demons to teleport back to Shattrath.
  12. Fly over to Shadowmoon and get the Atamal artifacts. Fly to Honor Hold and up to the throne and do the quest to destroy the portal and kill the channelers. Turn those in. (Either 14 or 13 quests left)
  13. Fly back to Shattrath, then head up and collect your roots.
  14. Back to Shattrath, pick up Sunfury Attack plans, mana batteries and readings in Nagrand quest. If the cooking quest is Manaberries or Spiritual Soup, pick those up now.
  15. Fly to Cosmowrench. Fly over and kill guys around Manaforge Duro until the plans drop. If the cooking quest is manaberries, head off to one of the domes and collect them. Then head off to Blade's Edge, up to Bashir landing. Kill guys until the disruptor drops, use it and collect the 10 mana batteries.
  16. Fly to Telaar. Don your goggles and collect the 6 fireballs. If cooking is spiritual soup, kill the clefthoofs for meat (if you don't have any) head over to the Ancestral grounds and use the cookpot.
  17. Go back to Shattrath. Turn in the 3 quests completed (4 if cooking was done.) You may have also collected all your nether residue. (Somewhere between 8 and 11 quests left)
  18. Take the portal to Sunwell island, turn in the artifacts & roots. (6 to 9 quests left).
  19. Hearthstone to Shattrath.
  20. You've done well. You now have options. There are 2 Skettis quests to do (3 if the cooking is the kaliri wings). There are 4 Ogri'la quests to do (5 if the cooking daily is Super Hot). Finish what you want there. Fly back to Shattrath and turn in. At the maximum you have only 3 daily quests left to do.
  21. Your options now to finish up (if you aren't already) is to do Netherwing quests (if you can), check out the daily dungeon, daily heroic dungeon or battleground quests. If none of those appeals to you, there are daily PVP quests in Hellfire, Nagrand and Terrokar.
At an average of 10 gold per quest (some more, some less) you should be up 250 or so gold, not counting random drops you've collected, the contents of your Shattered Sun bags, cloth, motes (mana, fire, earth) and harvestables. Put some stuff on the AH or disenchant it. You've done well.

Take a break, because there are still another batch of 25 quests to finish tomorrow.

Since there are too many dailies to do them all, you should prioritize them according to your goals. If you're trying to get your drake, it makes more sense to do Netherwing Dailies first. If you want Shattered Sun Rep, this guide should serve you well.

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You wake it, you tank it. said...

I tend to run dailies with Absitively and usually we do the cycle as:

Mana Remnants & Robots, Kill the BElfs, Ley Line 1, Kill the Demons, Ley Line 2, Ore, Free the murlocs, Ley Line 3, bombing runs, turn them all in at once and hit the portal.

Then run around shattrath picking up the SSO quests in the outlands, the cooking, and the fishing. Then it's Nagrand for the fire-goggles( possible cooking, possible fishing ), BEM to Bash'ir's Landing for the Smuggled Mana Cells, Area 52 for the sunfury attack plans. Then we set our mounts for a slight incline and just fly to the throne of Kiljeaden( while afking for coffee ) for blasting the gateway and demon blood. Then fly to the roots. If we've done the fishing by then we turn in the fishing on the way back to shattrath. If we're feelings squirrely and we want yet another blessed weapon coating, we hit the fragments in SMV.