Friday, May 16, 2008

Tailoring Recipe Drops

Time for another installment of trade-skill drop locations. This time, we're going to address the bind-on-pickup recipes for tailoring. For each of the other installments, we've addressed the instance or non-instance portion of the drops.

For tailoring, the non-instance part is easy. There is ONE bind-on-pickup tailoring pattern outside of an instance. That is the casters around Manaforge Coruu who drop the pattern for the Spellfire Bag. This is the enchanting specific bag.

And that's it for the non-instances.

Instance Drops

Blizzard looked kindly on the tailors as far as instances go. Without discussing twenty-five man raids, there are over a dozen patterns scattered out there-all with drop rates around 1%. Here they are, broken down by instance.

The Steamvaults

  • Warlord Kalithresh drops the pattern for the Battlecast Hood.
Shattered Halls
  • Grand Warlock Netherkurse drops the Spellstrike Hood pattern.
Shadow Labyrinth
  • The final boss, Murmur, drops the pattern for the Spellstrike Pants.
  • Thorngrin the Tender, the third boss, drops the pattern for Battlecast Pants.
  • Warp Splinter, the final boss, drops the pattern for the Whitemend Hood.
The Arcatraz
  • Dalliah the Doomsayer, either the second or third boss depending on which you do first, drops the Whitemend Pants pattern.
  • Arcatraz Sentinels (there are several) can drop the pattern for the Arcanoweave Bracers.
The Mechanar
  • Pathaleon the Calculator, the final boss, drops the pattern for Araanoweave Robe.
  • The Arcanoweave Boots pattern can be dropped by Sunseeker Astromages, of which there are several.
Magister's Terrace
  • Kael'thas Sunstrider can drop the pattern for the Unyielding Girdle.
  • Unyielding Bracers pattern, which matches the girdle above, is also dropped by Kael'thas.
  • Phantom Valets can drop the pattern for the Soulcloth Vest.
  • The matching Soulcloth Shoulders recipe is dropped by Phantom Attendants.
Sunwell Plateau
  • Trash mobs in Sunwell Plateau drop the pattern for Sunfire Robes. (thanks for the correction in comments)
So, if you tailors out there are missing key BOP patterns, don't waste much time in the wide world; crawl into the dungeons instead. There are quite a few patterns to check off your list, and at such low droprates, you're going to be spending a lot of time in there if you want to collect them all.


Awlbiste said...

One thing- Sunfire Robe pattern is Sunwell not Magister's Terrace. Which we call MgT where I'm from.

Chaoskas said...

Is the Recipe for the Sunfire Robe BoP or BoE? AFAIK the Robe itself is BoP but I never heard anything about the recipe.