Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gem Combinations

Today I'm looking at crafted gems. This discussion doesn't consider the gems that can be purchased, are quest rewards or are drops in dungeons.

When you look at the gem possibilities for socketing you gear, you quickly can determine the following about the primary colors of gems:

  • Red Gems affect Strength, Attack Power, Agility, Spell Damage, Dodge or Healing
  • Blue Gems affect Mana per 5, Stamina, Spirit or Spell Penetration
  • Yellow Gems affect Spell Critical Rating, Spell Hit Rating, Intellect, Resilence, Spell Haste, Hit Rating, Critical Rating or Defense.
Some of the color characteristics, don't combine with other colors, leaving the primary as the only option for increasing that statistic. These "pure" stats are Parry and Dodge (from Red) and Spirit (from Blue). All yellow characteristics can and do combine.

So, that leaves us with 5 combinable red characteristics, 3 combinable blue characteristics and all 8 yellow. So there are a potential for 15 purple gems (of which there are 6), 40 orange gems (of which there are 7), and 24 green gems (of which there are 6).

Sadly, its obvious that Blizzard can't put every combination into the game. Some of the combinations wouldn't even make sense for any class in the game (Spell Haste & Agility or Spell Damage & Hit Rating), but some of them would be welcome additions (Attack Power & Hit Rating or Healing & Spirit).

Please visit the gem resource I mentioned a few days ago to determine exactly which gems you want in YOUR gear.

Edited: There is indeed a crafted gem that combines healing and spirit , and not surprisingly is purple. However, it's pretty well hidden in that the base gem requirement is not a Shadow Draenite, Nightseye or Shadowsong Amethyst. Instead, the base gem is a shadow pearl. Thanks to Awlbiste's eagle eyes for catching this mistake.


Awlbiste said...

I might be reading this wrong but:
"Sadly, its obvious that Blizzard can't put every combination into the game.[...] some of them would be welcome additions (Attack Power & Hit Rating or Healing & Spirit)."

Might I direct you to: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=32836

K said...

The attack power/hit rating gem is a heroic drop, but as this discussion isn't addressing heroic gem drops... ;)

Cynra said...

Tut, tut, tut -- there are numerous crafted gems that combine Bonus Healing and Spirit. Look at the Purified Jagged Pearl, Purified Shadow Pearl, and Purified Shadowsong Amethyst. In fact, prior to the badge gem vendors, I'd stack the Purified Shadow Pearls in my gear quite frequently!

Mind you, not everyone is as obsessed with Spirit as I am (human priest and Spirit of Redemption -- ye God, the Spirit!) so it's understandable as to why you've missed them.

Wonderful idea and very informative! I've never sat down to consider all of the possible combinations before.