Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome to Lag Point Four

It's not news that we have 2.4 on the live servers now. Miraculously, my UI was not too broken to play with and I was able to log a few hours on new content yesterday.

I only picked up one quest, inside the center of Shattrath before heading off to Sunwell Isle. In retrospect I realize I missed several quests associated with the new faction that were in Shattrath, but I caught most of them on another trip to Outland.

The lag on Sunwell Isle was epic. It was very reminiscent for me of the opening day of Burning Crusade. When I first began playing, the lag was so bad I missed looting several of the giant robots because I used the quest item on them after waiting 30 or so seconds for the cursor to change into the loot indication.

At some point fairly early in the quest line, you take the demon portal to Hellfire Peninsula. This was the most hideous quest I did. You end up waiting for a mob to spawn and then the approximately fourteen trillion people in the area all try to tag it first. Once its tagged, you can use your quest item on the mob and it will transform. Even though I was in a five man group, with snake traps and pet on aggressive, I can't count the number of mobs that were "stolen" by quicker mages and druids. The quest is called "Blood for Blood" and I definitely recommend saving this until the exuberance has died down or for low population times on your server.

I did not try either the retooled Alterac Valley or Magister's Terrace. Some people in my guild did and they reported that we were still losing AV and that MT was "actually challenging." From the reports on the specifics of this instance, it sounded like group healing was more required than nice to have. Could it be that Paladins are being divested of their "best healers in the game" tag? One can only hope!

I only opened 2 or 3 Shattered Sun Supplies from quest rewards last night, but did get one Badge of Justice.

The last thing I have to report was that when I first hit Sunwell, the quest givers were reporting only 1% completion of objectives. By the time I checked the last time before heading out, they were at 15% (four hours later). This seems to be that Phase One will be over by the time I get home tonight, so I'm glad I got a chance to see some of Phase One at least. And at least the quests stay as dailies.


neshura said...

We tried Mte with 2 pallys, 2 warlocks, and a hunter. It was a slam dunk until we got to the Priestess. First, she's mean. Seriously -- she says mean things that hurt your feelings! Also, it's a 5-boss fight with two groups of 6 mobs on either side that we found could not be cleared without pulling the bosses. According to wowwiki, you can CC all the bosses. What they don't say is that you can't use all CC on all the bosses. You have to banish one, sheep some others, and frost trap the priestess. Because you can't seduce. Can't ... seduce ...... two warlocks... can't seduce... lisa needs braces ...

I eventually left the group to go to bed and they got a sheeper in, I hear they cleared it after that.

The lag was just terrible outside the instance.

K said...

I'd agree with Nesh on it all. Not seducable is just silly!

It was fun, a bit challenging on the Priestess but otherwise, nothing a good competent well run group shouldn't be able to handle. :)