Friday, March 28, 2008

Phase Two

So, on Alleria, we've reached Phase Two in Sunwell. This opened up a couple of new daily quests - the bombing run through the dead scar and killing demons around the portal.

Killing demons was fun, easy, and since you don't have to kill the emissary of hate but just stab a banner in his smoking corpse, he wasn't totally camped.

The bombing run on the other hand. Wow. Just. Do. Not. Do. This. When. It's. Crowded. I always seemed to wind up just a few lengths behind someone else who destroyed all the targets I was after. I'm told grouping works and counts off kills for everyone (provided they're close enough). It took me four (I think) runs to get all the various and sundries I needed. We were at around ten percent last night. So I expect by Sunday we'll be on to Phase Three.

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