Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm a BRK Twin (Almost)

I stole today's image from BRK. I admit it, I'm a thief. But not just of his image. No, you see, I stole his spec also. So, apart from a pet (and better gear on the REAL BRK) we're twin gun-toting dwarf hunters.

It all started when I got these nifty new [pants] at a reasonable price. People like Owaru have been telling/begging/pleading with me to go BM for ages now. So I finally did it.

I only got to run around with him for a few battlegrounds. But rogues did not seem to be a problem for me after my Scorpid went all big and red.

The only thing I think I need to do now is maybe swap out some of my AP gems for more agility. And start eating Warp Burgers instead of Ravager Dogs.

I guess we'll see.


neshura said...

My spec is pretty close to BRK as well; I think the only difference is in revive pet, which I skipped. I haven't checked my DPS since (finally) switched away from my leveling spec, but I can't imagine that it has gone down. Where did I read that one maxes out hit at 8.something percent? Perhaps just warp burgers for bosses.

Ironshield said...

it's about bloody [red] time! now when you send in your pet on top of a warlock and you flip the Red Switch, you can /y "Ouh, that's gonna leave a mark!"

Brehm said...

Ah..Warp Burgers give you +AGI which scales nicely. Ravager Dogs give you +AP which is awesome, but doesn't scale. Makes way more sense as a MM hunter where your damage far dwarfs (LOL) that of your pet. I think the max out you're referring to, Nesh, is with Hit Rating. Only Spicy Hot Talbuk gives you Hit Rating. And at least on my hunter my +HR is high enough that I don't really worry too much about it.