Monday, March 31, 2008

We're Getting There

Neither of the guilds I've been in since BC have been capable of staffing a 25-man raid. My current guild has enough players to go in an cream Kara whenever we want. And if my hunter needs to swap out for the priest so that someone else can bring a warlock for a piece of loot and the healing druid has to tank for a while, it's do-able.

The problem we've been having is not enough distinct players to staff it all. However, as I logged on last evening to do a little PVP, I got the "BREM! We need you" call from the guild. They were just a few positions away from hosting the second simultaneous Kara run. So, like a good guildie, I jumped in and did it.

Group Two didn't go too far; we had some folks with time constraints. It was also completely (well, mostly) unscheduled. It just gives me hope that if we can staff one planned and one impromptu ten-man raid that we're getting much closer to staffing one planned twenty-five-man raid.

And let me tell you, it's about time. Most of the members of my guild are going to have every single drop from Karazhan they need. I'm afraid once we do get this train moving, it's going to run over raid bosses. I can't imagine that Gruul or Mag will cause us much problem. And then we'll be into SSC and we might finally have a challenge or three.

At least that's what I'm hoping!

So, well done Schadenfreude! I look forward to us kicking some 25-man butt!

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Noosh said...

WHOO! Brem did save they day on that run. I was ever so thank-full he came, but alas I digress, I look forward to doing the 25 mans. I think our biggest problem might be making shure that evrybody gets the message. I personally look forward to it no matter what, whether im tanking, healing or DPSing. (hopefully not healing tho, no ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT ACTION when healing) But thats why i like tanking because it makes me feel like on on the edge of my seat watching things happen to you and controlling mobs so they don't kill every body else. personally I find that to be fun.