Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go West Young Man - To Theramore

It had been a while since I leveled an alt through the thirties. As my shaman approached the dreaded "Time to go to Stranglethorn" I remembered that 2.3 had added the new quest hub of Mudsprocket in Dustwallow Marsh. I decided to try it out and see if this was a viable path that allowed skipping of the Stranglethorn quests I knew so well.

Let me say, Theramore is big fun! There's a whole line of Theramore deserters quests in the town itself which have you stopping deserters, confiscating propaganda, and redistributing that propaganda after some creative editing. There's a sea-monster to fight in Theramore (level 54 Elite and all) that's a nice diversion. And both the Defias and Grimtotem have set up a camp or three in Dustwallow. The area around Tabetha's farm has also been expanded with several quests. The famed zeppelin crash site also has a few new added things.

Eventually, you make it out to the town of Mudsprocket and deal with mostly raptors and dragons. I'm not finished in Dustwallow yet, although I think I'm getting close to running out of quests. At level 38, I've managed to skip the Northern Stranglethorn quests--including annihilating the wildlife for Nessingwary and his cronies.

As I approach forty, I'm wondering if I'll need to return to STV to fill a hole in questing later, but I don't think it'll be necessary. Which is good, because honestly with six characters that have gone through STV (one on a PVP server) I am mighty tired of that zone.

So, if you're leveling an alt up and are in your early thirties, check out Theramore and Dustwallow as an alternative path.

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K said...

I think with all of my characters, I've done the STV quests only once. And then I said 'never again, this was hideous.'.

I do the Duskwood quests until I'm all done (should take you to 30ish). Then I go to Southshore (early 30's) and Arathi Highlands until I'm all done.

Before Mudsprocket and the enhanced Theramore quests, I did the few Theramore quests that were easily done by Theramore (the turtle killing quest, Jarl's quests -- which were also expanded recently) (30's).

I also do the Desolace quests, there's one you pick up in Ironforge and several in Nijel's point itself. A lot of people seem to skip this area, which is silly to me. 1: you need to be in Desolace to pick up the starter for the Scarlet Monastery quest, 2: the quests are easy to do and involve a lot of item-quests, which equals lots of killing.

With the advanced leveling through this range now, I didn't even have to do them all and before you know it, you're 40 and hopefully heading to Feathermoon and Feralas, then onto Aerie Peak and the Hinterlands.

Pft. STV should have Gnomeregan in it, since I never go to either if I can avoid it! :)