Monday, March 17, 2008

That'll be 600 Gold Pieces

So, somehow I got the strange idea in my head that I should respec my warrior (some would say "Level 70 Banktoon" to protection and actually do something with him again. This idea was pitched at me Friday night. The offer was made to help me run some five mans to get some of the needed gear. This shady person (*cough* Owaru *cough*) also offered to help donate Felsteel for the three piece set for tanking.

So, bright and early Saturday morning, I found a tanking build I thought I could live with and checked my stocks of fel iron bars and eternium bars, smelted it up into felsteel and sent it off to Owaru. I gemmed up a few things, took stock of my lacking enchants, and looked at some things to run.

We started off in Steamvaults. Group: Brehm tanking, enhancement shaman, Owaru's mage, Owaru's lovely and talented wife's hunter (he's a damned lucky man), and Boon healing. There were a couple of dicey moments with big groups. Apparently multi-mob tanking for warriors hasn't gotten better :o) In the end, though, we made it through wipe free. Final boss dropped the warrior chest piece. Woot.

We then decided to head off to Arcatraz (Shaman still needed Kara frags). Unfortunately, our hunter, the ever popular Neshura, had to go and we began to PUG members. It's somewhere after the last fragment and the two funniest bosses in the game that a PUG Shadow Priest showed me that some folks never learn "When you get aggro run TOWARD the tank, not AWAY!"

We changed up the lineup a few more times, finally finishing with 2 mages, paladin healing, warlock and yours truly tanking. We actually wiped twice on the Gargantuan Abyssals because of some miscommunication. But in the end ANOTHER warrior Dungeon Set 3 piece was dropped, so I think the WoW gods were smiling.

Quickly on Sunday morning, I strapped on a two hander and headed out to finish some quests in Shadowmoon. After all that gemming, I am a little cash poor. I will have the bulk of the mats I need to get enchanted though, so I'm good. Although another lesson I'd almost forgotten was also hammered home-"Watching a prot warrior grind is like watching two old people have sex...kinda slow and not very interesting."

I know he's not ready to tank Karazhan, but he is pretty good for most of the five mans. And rep is what he needs more than anything.


K said...
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K said...

Something I discovered on my prot warrior...

DPS with a shield and one hander for grinding.

I >THINK< it goes faster that way, as 1: you hit more often with a one hander, 2: you can shield bash as a way to damage as well.

IIRC, I stance dance a lot when I'm farming, since a few nifty abilities aren't available to me in defensive, but mainly I stay defensive stanced. (I'm also probably stoopid.)

You wake it, you tank it. said...

We need to run Durnholde and Black Morass - that should get you to Revered with the Keepers of Time and grant you access to the Timewarden's Leggings and the defense/dodge glyph.

Getting to revered with CE wouldn't be a bad idea either since they have the Strength of the Untamed.

Unless I'm otherwise engaged I'll heal or dps as you need!

It was fun. It was especially fun to see that pissant shadow priest sit there with his thumb up his ass while you and boon held fast so I could run Taso all the way back and burn down the mob.