Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PVP Tips & Tricks - Warriors

Today I’m finalizing a new mini-series of PVP from the viewpoint of the Marksman Hunter. I’ll cover each class and what you should look for each of them to do. We finish today with Warriors.


Wow these dudes are hard to kill! Warriors just wind up having tons of hit points and lots of armor. The most successful I’ve been in dealing with them was killing them while they were focused on someone else. I keep my range and keep plugging away.

What to Watch for:

  • Charge (and Intercept) Stun can be removed with your trinket.
  • Warriors seem most susceptible of melee classes to being kited. Use your movement impairing abilities (Wing Clip, Frost Trap, Scatter Shot, Concussive Shot) to kite them.
  • Serpent Sting will do continuous damage to them. Scorpid Sting will lower their chance to hit (and thus crit).
  • Warriors are the most likely of melee classes to fall for a Feign.
  • Warriors that are being healed should have an aimed shot applied.
  • If you’re a dwarf, use Stone Form to stop damage from big bleeds.
  • At all costs, stay above 20% health. Going under 20% puts you in execute range.
  • If you're not using your traps to kite, Snake Trap may be quite effective against them.

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