Monday, March 17, 2008

PVP Tips & Tricks - Warlocks

Today I’m continuinga new mini-series of PVP from the viewpoint of the Marksman Hunter. I’ll cover each class and what you should look for each of them to do. We continue today with Warlocks.

Dot. Fear. Dot. Fear. Dot. Fear. Yes, you’ll experience each of these. Warlocks are quite fond of either standing way back and dotting everyone, especially with Seed of Corruption or running in for the mass fear bomb. Either way, I’ve found Warlocks particularly troublesome in that quite often killing them comes at the cost of my death.

Things to Watch for:

  • Demon Armor/Fel Armor, Detect Invisibility and Unending Breath can all be dispelled by Arcane Shot.
  • If a warlock dies and leaves you all dotted, eating is (probably) enough to keep you alive through the dots.
  • You can feign death or freezing trap a warlock’s pet.
  • If you are Death Coiled, don’t trinket. Wait for the follow up fear to trinket.
  • When you are fighting a Warlock, check to see if he or she has a soul stone. If so, be prepared to fight them again.
  • Channeled leash spells (drain life, drain mana, drain soul) and channeled AOE spells (Rain of Fire, Hellfire) are both interruptible with Scatter Shot or Silencing Shot.
  • The voidwalker is almost never used as a pet.
  • If an imp is the warlock’s pet, it will die easily if it is attacking. If it’s not attacking it is phase-shifted.
  • If a succubus is the warlock’s pet, expect seductions. If you are seduced, send your pet to either the lock or its pet. The succubus is lightly armored and doesn’t have a lot of hitpoints.
  • If a fel hunter is the warlock’s pet, they will generally be fighting casters and using Spell Lock. Not many hunter abilities can be spell locked.
  • If a fel guard is the warlock’s pet, treat it as a hunter’s pet. That is, freezing trap or feign.
  • Warlocks are not generally as familiar with hunter abilities and may not realize they need to retarget us after we feign and send their pet.

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