Friday, March 14, 2008

PVP Tips & Tricks - Shamans

Today I’m continuinga new mini-series of PVP from the viewpoint of the Marksman Hunter. I’ll cover each class and what you should look for each of them to do. We continue today with Shamans.

Shamans come in three pretty distinct flavors and it’s not always possible to tell what spec they are at a glance. Seeing two melee weapons (usually slowish maces) means Enhancement. The two casting types (Elemental and Restoration) will use either a staff or a one hander and a shield.

Things to watch for:

  • You can get an earth or fire elemental off of you by feigning.
  • If a shaman is healing, use silencing shot or scatter shot to interrupt. This is especially useful if the spell is Chain Heal.
  • Most shaman totems have very little health and are immune to AOE attacks. They must be single target killed. Auto Shot works wonderfully for this. Be aware that the Earth and Fire Elemental Totems have a ton of hit points.
  • An enhancement shaman will want to be into melee range with you. Such a shaman will use Frost Shock to help close the distance. Use your movement inhibiting effects (Wing Clip, Frost Trap, Scatter Shot, Concussive Shot) to prevent or minimize that.
  • Totem buffs cannot be removed with Arcane Shot. You must kill the totems instead.
  • Shamans have some rather shallow mana pools. A Viper Sting can help keep that shallow pool drained.
  • If you choose to use a Serpent Sting on a shaman, make sure to kill any Poison Cleansing Totems first. Shamans can also cleanse without the totem, but this is a single target cleanse.
  • Beware of tab-targeting with Auto Shot on. Shooting at an Earth or Fire Elemental Totem can draw its aggro.
  • If a shaman lays down new totems too quickly, kite them away from their totems. Most have a fairly limited range.
  • While Ghost Wolf form has fewer defenses and attacks, many Shamans will use that to run away. In this case, treat them like a fleeing druid. Concussive shot to slow them and keep them in range. If you are lone chasing a fleeing shaman, consider Aspect of the Cheetah to keep up.
  • (From Owaru) Earth shield is removable with Arcane Shot. Simply stripping this buff from a resto shaman will make them lose health much faster. The shaman will usually (but not always) apply this buff to themselves. Watch for it in a number of places.

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You wake it, you tank it. said...

Probably the most important:

Earth Shield( along with Water and Lightning ) is removable with Arcane Shot.

As a Resto Shaman, Shougeki is shockingly hard to bring down fast. He has to be focus fired. That is unless there's a shaman( purge ), mage( spellsteal ), or hunter( arcane shot ) in the group. Once my Earth Sheild drops I lose health a lot more quickly.