Tuesday, February 12, 2008

By Any Other Name

I was desperate for a blog topic today so I wandered over to BlogAzeroth and took a look at shared blog topic ideas. There was a post there suggesting we blog about our characters' names to include alts. So. Here goes.

My first MMORPG was City of Heroes. I had resisted the call of MMOs previously because I know how addictive my personality can get. And I knew many friends who got hooked on the Evercrack never to be heard from again. I figured I could avoid a fantasy game as when I was a wee table-topper D&D (and clones) were not my first choice. Instead I loved the Champions game. You know, the one about super-heroes.

So, when I found there actually was an MMO that was all about the supers, I was hooked! I pored carefully over the five classes I could play and their powers. There were tankers, scrappers, blasters, controllers and defenders. Little did I know it but, defenders were about the closest thing to a true healer there was. I chose Radiation Emission as my primary power and Radiation Control as my secondary. Got my outfit put together. (By the by, character creation in COH was amazing. You could hundreds of changes to body parts, armors, colors, hair, face, and so forth). Now I just needed a name. I chose, Brehmstrahlung.

Well, so what, I hear you cry. What does Radiation Boy wearing his underwear on the outside have to do with WoW? Well, a lot actually. As my first MMO, COH introduced me to many things including Ventrilo. Type "Brehmstrahlung" into a Vent client as your login name if you want a laugh. And listening to folks I barely knew mangle it was also interesting. Early on, I told people, "Just call me 'Brem' if that's easier."

When I picked up WoW with several of my COH cronies, I just chose the same moniker. And started varying spelling, adding consonants, inserting suffixes, etc. So. Here's the whole list.

  1. Bremm (70 Human Priest)
  2. Brehm (70 Dwarf Warrior)
  3. Bremette (70 Gnome Warlock)
  4. Bremagorn (70 Dwarf Hunter)
  5. Bremmie (70 Gnome Rogue)
  6. Bremtanica (28 Draenei Mage)
  7. Bremma (26 Draenei Shaman)
  8. Brem (19 Dwarf Priest)
  9. Bremstar (16 Night Elf Druid *probably on the chopping block*)
  10. Bremomir (60 Tauren Hunter)
And they all live on the Alleria server. Feel free to stop by and say hello. If you can find me that is :-)


Pike said...

Haha, guess that makes it easy to tell who your alts are...

Mike said...

I'm still waiting for the birth of Bremtacular, or perhaps Bremmo (wouldn't the latter be an excellent Orc Warrior name?).