Monday, February 11, 2008

WSG 19

I’m not going to say that WSG at 19 is only for twinks. I refuse. BGs are really for all players at all skill levels. It gives a fresh perspective to you on your favorite game. All I will ask is please consider the other folks in your group.

Let me start by saying I’ve never twinked. My current character in 19WSG is there to gather some honor and tokens. He’s also there to accumulate some rested XP. To some degree, I think that doing all the things a twink needs to do is counterproductive in terms of time (both yours and your friends’) and gold.

To enter WSG and be an asset to your team you do not have to:

  • Have to have the best gear for level 19 available.
  • Have to beg and borrow run throughs from your friends.
  • Have to spend hundreds or thousands of gold to buy the extremely rare world drops. Have to find and keep an enchanter on retainer who has all of the Argent Dawn, Timbermaw and Thorium Brotherhood enchants.
  • Have to be enchanted at all.
There are usually nine other folks in WSG with you. Many of them have done all the things I just said you didn’t have to. Many of them have thousands of kills at level 19. Many of them have done this to win. You are relying on them to help you win.

To enter WSG and be an asset to your team you do have to:
  • Have reasonable gear (greens with some whites is okay, blue is better).
  • Be of reasonable level (Not under 15. Please don’t come in at 10).
  • Understand the objectives of WSG and follow a plan.
So, if you’re the level twelve druid who was in my WSG group the other night with zero blues and zero greens and hanging around the flag room asking what this place was all about, I respectfully ask that you don’t queue for any more WSG until you are at least level 16 (nice skills at 16!) and have the majority of your gear green and not white (or god forbid grey). Please also do some research on the game and how you can contribute.

I’m not trying to be elitist and keep you out altogether. Instead, I’m telling you how you can be an asset to your team.

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