Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hunny Do List

Well, it seems like everybody's doing it, so I'll also bite the bullet and give a quick list of Bremmie's goals & objectives.

  1. Decide on a final spec - I'm currently using a mutilate/combat build that Doom wrote about.
  2. Create a list of wanted equipment - this is purely an out-of-game activity. I need to figure out what gear I really need. Right now I know I need a couple of good daggers, several pieces of dungeon set 3 armor, and some other pieces. A lot of this will be dependent on my first goal.
  3. Finish Karazhan keying - The odds of me ever getting to go to Karazhan with Bremmie are pretty small. But I'd like to at least be eligible even if that never comes to pass.
  4. Get Enchanted - I'll need to decide on what enchants I want on each piece and then start farming mats (or have my other toons donate them)
  5. Finish Alchemy Specialization - I chose Potion Specialization since my other alchemist is an elixir specialization. This involves running Botanica since I've already got the needed potions stockpiled in the bank.
  6. Clean out the *expletive* bank - I have herbs everywhere. My priest is an alchemist and still has some stuff hanging out in his bank. My warlock is an herbalist (to feed the priest) and has stuff in her bank. My rogue is both and so has herbs - of all levels. I need to get these things consolidated. So that Bremmie will have a slot or three free in the bank.

That should keep me busy.

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