Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A good PUG

Since just two days ago I gave you an article on PUG instancing, I thought I'd share my latest experience with it. It was late, but I was in queue to do Shadow Labyrinth. As I was nearly ready to log off, I got a whisper asking if I'd like to go. I said sure. Here was the (eventual) group we wound up with. We had a different initial tank, but went offline without explanation and was dropped in favor of our druid.

The cast-

While I was a little dismayed to see the Boomkin we started with (I don't think any of us knew he was boomkin) tanking in moonkin form and using trees and what not, it worked out pretty well. At times he brought in his epic-geared warrior. That went smoother, but the two wipes we had were not because it wasn't a standard tank. One wipe resulted from a bad pull where we got the big six-armed chick and a six group right before Blackheart. The second was an uncontrolled runner before Murmur.

What was nice to see was that even though none of us knew one another before hand, we all did know our own roles. And we executed those roles during the run.

Needless to say, I've made room on my friends list for each of these guys and/or gals. It was nice to see people who could do what needed to be done. And honestly a couple close calls were my fault. I've not played a rogue before in an instance where me performing crowd-control was really required. Let me just say - fires suck. Thank god for vanish!

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I have to say: Cutest. Puppy. EVAR!