Monday, January 7, 2008

What I did on my Christmas Vacation

Got the rogue to 70. Yes, that makes 5 of them now. Incidentally, it turns out that shaman/rogue combo levels incredibly fast. I'm guessing the only pair that could match would be rogue/druid, but not by much. Whatever Blizzard did to the leveling from 20-60 was sorely missed post 60. If I hadn't had the time off, this would've taken me too long to bear.

Went and said hello to BRK and the rest of the Aetherial Circle gang on Drenden. Still waiting on the concept nee idea.

Mucked around a bit on the shaman. 23 now.

Found out I was dead on right about Cenarion Rep. Never having entered a dungeon for CE rep on the rogue, I was revered at level 68 in Netherstorm. The last few points to tip me over the top were from the Night Elf just outside the Stormspire.

And made out well on the trip to the folks house. For something completely non-WoW.

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