Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tagged - Part One

Pelides over at Hunter Mayhem started his own meme since he didn't get tagged in the other one that was circulating. His meme is about the five worst wipes. And believe you me, he tagged the right guy!

  1. Garr in Molten Core. This is the rock elemental guy that starts with 8 adds. The general strategy is to have 4 warlocks and 5 tanks. MT gets Garr, each of the other tanks gets an add. Each warlock banishes an add. Kill the first 4, kill Garr, kill the 4 banished guys one at a time. Simple. Wipe. We're setting up for the next attempt, raid leader calls for buffs. Suddenly without warning for no apparent reason, my favorite paladin healer, Qerk, takes off at a dead run for the boss and his eight friends. Qerk dies, the other 39 of us die one by one by one. We find out later, Qerk has fallen asleep at the keyboard, finger firmly pressed on the run key!
  2. High Priestess Jeklik in Zul'Gurub. Back in the day before Burning Crusade, ZG was where my guild spent a lot of time. We never had the forty people needed for other end-game stuff, so we ended up in ZG a lot. And we wiped a lot. I could likely write up 5 wipes just on this boss alone. But I'll coalesce all these wipes into one. Drawing any attention to yourself (unless you're the MT) in this encounter is a bad thing. The wipes generally started when some thoughtful healer sent me a Renew about half a second after I'd pulled her when I was tanking. I had the aggro of a single gunshot on her. The priest now had more. And died. Then the rest of the raid died.
  3. Trash in Mechanar (Heroic). I was healing a heroic Mech before my gear was uber. I had enough healing that I knew I could do it. Sent the paladin tank a bunch of love as we were fighting one of the three robots at the beginning. Rogue took too much damage, sent a flash heal then back to tank. Greater Heal - No discernible change in health. Another one. Still no change in health. Another. Another. Another. Still nothing what gives. Tank dies. We run out. Then I notice that I. Have. The. Wrong. Party. Member. Targetted. At least the rogue had awesomely full health (and I did a TON of overhealing)
  4. Ragnaros in Molten Core. We were on about our tenth (felt like the hundredth) attempt on old Rags. We were out of pots, out of bots, out of food. We were spent. And he'd been getting a little lower each time. We had someone hearth and pick up mana and healing pots, some food, a bot, fire resistance pots. Anything we could think of. Chipped gold together and made one last attempt. A mis-timed heal wiped our best tank out just before the sons. By the time we got him battle rez'd it was too late for the raid and way past most bedtimes. Final health of Rags somewhere about 50% greater than the best previous attempt.
  5. Zul'Farak runthrough. Bremmie got a run through of ZF from a 70 lock. Apparently, when you target a far scarab with Seed of Corruption, it runs towards you bringing its buddies. Then when it detonates, you have about 9,000 level 40-ish scarabs beating on a lock. And it doesn't last long.
There. Five wipes. Maybe not the worst, but definitely bad. Who should I tag..let's see. First off, the three folks who've started blogging since I have: K, Owaru, Iron(shield|helm), Then two others Pike and Kestrel. I owe a responses to Ratshag from his tag. I was scared to tag him until I have completed that previous tag. But notice the title is part 1.

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Kestrel said...

Not fair: I don't raid (yet) so I really don't have some of the fantastical wipes you raider-types have. But...I'll give it a shot anyway. ;)