Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tagged - Part Two

Ratshag tagged me and four others to be named later to answer the five things I've learned from playing WoW.

Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Be as prepared as you can. I read. Alot. That's one of the reasons that when we fight a new boss somewhere, I've read the strategy five or six times already. Then I read it again just before the fight. There is nothing like preparation to help you succeed. Whether we're talking WoW or IRL.
  2. Hard work pays off. Granted this won't happen for everyone, but I worked VERY hard to get myself ready for Karazhan the first time I ventured in. And I think we managed to take down both Attumen and Moroes that first day. And I got the gloves from Attumen that made me a happy camper. Loot is sometimes the reward for hard work. And my hard work paid off that day.
  3. There are bad people in the world. Our first raid leader for Karazhan (see #2 above) turns out to be one of these not nice people. In fact, he wound up leaving the guild and not only taking all the friends he came in with out, but about 1/3 of our other raid-worthy players. I honestly think that his intention was to get into a starting out guild and cherry pick what he needed. I think he had no intention of ever staying in the guild. He was a bad people. And these exist IRL too.
  4. If you're too good, you get a reputation. As I said before I read alot. And I work hard at this game. These two things together have given me semi-photographic memory about places in the game. To the point where I remember quests I've not done in a LONG TIME down to the quest name and the quest giver's name. So, I've become the go-to guy to ask obscure questions. It's one of the reasons my Vent Phonetic is "Encyclopedia Bremtanica."
  5. The same things don't appeal to everyone. I want raiding and progression. That's the way I test and validate myself. Others don't. They want to PVP, fart around a long time with content, just chat, give (or receive) run throughs, make money. To some degree I enjoy all of those things. But raiding is where my passion is. It's not the same for everyone. There are a good many people in my guild who LOVE to PVP. There are folks who judge how well they're doing on the size of their bankroll. This is all fine. It's just not for me. Much as my obsession with raiding prolly isn't for them.
I'm stopping here. I've fulfilled my duties as tagged by Ratshag. However, since this meme has been around for over a week and has hit many of the places I would want to tag, I'm not going to tag anyone. Except for Pelides. Since he didn't get it before!

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