Friday, November 30, 2007

What are you all doing to me?

Didn't I just tell you all I was done with blogging for November? Why are you making me update my blogroll to include active links? And why are you all buying custom domains?

Just kidding of course. Blogroll updates:

  1. Hunter Mayhem has a new web address. Gratz on your personal domain. And I hear that there's a "vanity" domain out there too. No details, but makes me wonder!
  2. Kestrel's Aerie is also sporting a brand new address. Makes me think it's time for me to take the plunge as well. Congrats Kestrel.
  3. Gorespike stopped publishing The Blood Fury. I'll miss you Gorespike and good luck in whatever is distracting your attention now.
  4. Mania's Arcania is a blog I've been lurking on until now. Finally adding it to the blogroll as it has deserved.
There. I think NOW I am done.


pelides said...

Bremm! Now where would the fun be in making things easy on you!

Kestrel said... all means, take the plunge! Then you can use WordPress (no, they don't pay me; I just like it!) and when I comment, my name will link to my site instead of Blogger. ;)

(Sorry; still in rant mode.)

Thanks muchly for the link, Bremm!