Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm done

It's November 30. I have more than 30 posts for November and at least one on every day! I win.

Okay, I don't really win anything. It's more of a personal goal. And I achieved it! Woot. Go me.

And on that note, there'll be a few minor changes to the blog.

  1. No more freaking weekend posts. Ever. Or until next November. Whichever comes first
  2. No more feeling pressed to put up anything just to meet the "ZOMG I've not posted feeling"
  3. No more of the readership (BOTH OF YOU) having to read the craptastic stuff I posted. If you don't believe it was bad, go re-read last week...Say November 19-25.
That's it. NaBloPoMo is in the history books.


Pike said...

Grats on the accomplishment!

You wake it, you tank it. said...

Grats Bremm! Well done, indeed!

Pablo said...

I just finished reading the last month of postings and I must say, good job! I followed TJ's linkage here, and you've just been added to my favorites, so you can add one more to your reader count.