Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've often said in voice chat, "I never want to see what a heroic Shadow Labs looks like."

Well, thanks to Blizzard's new daily dungeon quests with Patch 2.3, I got to find out today. All in all it wasn't bad, but we didn't get far--we started too early in the day and were fighting against the heroic reset. With only about an hour and a half when we began, we were destined not to get too far.

We did kill the first boss before we decided there wasn't enough time to kill the second before we got kicked out. Here are a few things I noticed in my short time in there.

  1. Loot didn't seem to change. I guess I expected that from an already 70 instance, just noting it for completeness.
  2. Like any heroic, the trash hits VERY hard and the bosses, other than perhaps a new ability, don't change much.
  3. Instead of 3 channelers around each pillar in the room before Hellmaw there were 4. So with only limited crowd control, it was challenging. Luckily paladin tanks can still tank multiples with good healing.
  4. They bosses still drop stupid Spirit Shards, for which I've found no good use.
  5. I still don't have enough badges on my priest to get what I want.
  6. The Fel Overseers take most of the mana bar on my priest to heal through.
Hopefully tomorrow's heroic will be something I have more time for and have a prayer of getting through. The two things I did hear about changes to Slabs that I can't confirm are:
  1. You can't graveyard zerg Blackheart.
  2. Vorpil randomly banishes someone (and that someone can be the tank or healer)
Maybe someone has better (or at least first-hand) information about this as I can't confirm it.

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pelides said...

Spirit shards should get you some goodies from the alliance or horde town in Terrokar.

Gems, enchants, some gear, etc.