Monday, November 19, 2007

Levelling Post 2.3

So, with the advent of 2.3 I've finally gotten around to dusting off an alt (or 3) that has over-stayed his (or her) welcome at your neighborhood inn. I tried to stay away from alts, because honestly what player really needs FIVE level 70 toons? It just gets sillier and more difficult to answer as the number rises above five, too. I'm just saying.

So, let me introduce you to Bremmie. One week ago, he was a lowly level 28 gnome rogue cooling his heels in the Duskwood Inn. I started playing him again a couple of days ago. And he's now about halfway through level 33.

When I concentrate on a character, its easy to get one or two levels a day--depending on other stuff that's going on of course. His leveling speed isn't over the top or anything, but he's moving along at a comfortable clip.

When I made the push to get my hunter up from 37, I followed Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide. The only thing I didn't like about the guide was some pretty serious grinding sessions lightly peppered throughout the guide. Quite often on the hunter's journey to 70, I'd go "off guide" and do some instancing or questlines I knew I liked from previous trips through the process.

As I continue to level Bremmie up (eventually to 70 we hope), I'll make a few posts. I'm hoping that the nasty grinding portions of the guide will be totally eclipsed by the more rapid rate of XP gain. I'm also really finding that leveling a toon is gratifying. It's been ages since I've been able to type "Ding!" in guild chat, and I'm kind of liking it.

However, I still no nothing about playing a rogue really. But I'm having fun!

P.S. I noticed when I was looking for the guide, that Jame has released the 60-65 edition of the guide. The final note in this chapter hints at the conclusion (for now) of the guide from 66-70 around December 10. I can't speak to the goodness of the new chapter, I've not read it in detail. But the first 3 volumes got me through the levels in a rapid fashion.


You wake it, you tank it. said...

So far, as I've been levelling Shougeki up post 2.3, I've noticed I start dropping quests. They go grey fast. You just sky rocket. I went from 25% of the way through 51 to 95% of the way through 52 in about 2 hours today. It's amazing. I might actually run my level 11 rogue up...maybe.

K said...

Bah. Leveling guides! Never used one, never will! :)

And.. what's wrong with 5 level 70's? This way, if I was ever on my 70 alts all at the same time, I'd be one kickass group! :)