Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm not really feeling a full blown blog post today. So, I'm just going to throw you a few bones here. *smile*

When I started my blog back in September, I wasn't sure I'd keep it going or that I'd even really advertise it. I shared with a very few people saying things like "Here's a little something I wrote." or "Here's my blog address, but don't put it in a feeder or anything. It may not last."

Then I wrote a post about Werenal, The Farmer God -- and had to share it with him. And then Neshura started asking good hunter questions, which I answered in the blog. And told her to check there. And then, well. I'm over one thousands hits, per SiteMeter.

To date, I know of at least three blogs that have been started either by real life friends or guildmates after reading my blog. I'm almost like Typhoid Mary!

Since I try to look at them every day, I've put two of them in my blogroll. Now I'm adding the third. So, here they are, reviewed again.

  1. Can Tank, Will Travel - Ironshield just needs to focus. He has too many alts on too many servers. But I will say he's done his research on tanking and group dynamics. Irks me only slightly that he posts way less often than I do, but still has comparable hit counts.
  2. You Wake It, You Tank It - Owaru impresses me with the amount of reading and research he's done. He is my information source for paladin tanking and general tank statistics. No, I don't know about uncrushable for paladins even though my Ventrilo text-to-Speech is "Encyclopedia Bremtanica." Why would I need to know--I have access to Owaru.
  3. KDots - K is the raid leader in my guild. What impresses me most about K's blog is the extremely easy read. Reading the blog is essentially like talking to her. And welcome to the blogroll, K!
And I just noticed they all use Blogger too! Shouldn't I get a commission or something?


Xeno said...

its Shirahime, and ya know, ill bet i could do something like this for druids.

what you might not know about me is, i used to be Werenal's guild leader back in Horizons with chasebrantit and sylhouette. though they all left Horizons long before i did to go to wow. i know game politics and stragities backwords and forwards, i just wanted to be a player for a wile. being someone of responcability was trying sometimes. but now i want to press for Druid class leader, though ill earn it if im able, and this itme it will be werenal and the guild leaders who make that call. =P if i deside to blog about druids ill let you know.

~Shirahime AKA XenoDrake

K said...

Hehe, just like talking to me, eh? Often rambling, sometimes incoherent, irreverent and full of warlock superiority complexes? :)

Thanks for adding me! :)

I have two other 'online journal' type things, but they're personal stuff (ie: not updated much since I don't have a personal life!), so I figured I'd make the blogspot one separate for my WoW posts. :)

Ironhelm said...

No such things as "too many alts on too many servers"!

However, I "may" be classified as 'focused' now. Only two toons on each server are getting leveled at same time! = )

Thanks for the blogroll and for getting me back into blogging!

(you do know I switched the blog author to match my human warrior rather than the dwarven one right?)