Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beginning to Hate the Dailies

Maybe it's just me. But I'm beginning to find my daily quests to be very, very boring. First off, it's up to Skettis to bomb the Kaliri Eggs and then find the damned escort. Fly back, turn in, ka-ching.

Then a quick flight to Ogri'la. Play Simon. Bomb the stacks of fel cannonballs. Banish some demons. Rope a few aether rays. Fly back. Turn in. Ka-ching (x4).

Log out. Log in the next toon. Repeat (twice). Yes, I have three characters that can do daily quests. It's somewhere just shy of 300G if I do them all. And they're easier on the hunter with the epic flying mount, but still boring.

From what I've read the dailies being introduced in 2.3 (c'mon Tuesday) are having some randomness built in. So it won't be exactly the same grind every day. And if I were truly dedicated, I'd finish the Netherwing pre-quests to get up to working on that rep. But right now I'm finding them boring and time-consuming. Maybe it's just me.

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not that it'll be good reading..