Sunday, November 11, 2007

1878 Healing

I made the final piece of my primal mooncloth set last night. Now, only buffed by myself, my healing is at 1878. Raid buffed with Blessing of Kings and Gift of the Wild, it would be higher. Probably much higher. Maybe approaching 2,000.

As my healing has continued to go up, I've made small adjustments to my raid consumables. When I was an itty-bitty healer just starting out in Karazhan, my healing was somewhere around 1150. Yes, I know that's probably low, gimme a break. At that time I was squeezing every drop of +heal out of consumables that I could. I ate Golden Fishsticks like they were candy; I washed them down with huge quaffs of Elixir of Healing Power. It was before the great alchemy nerf of 2007, so I was actually drinking a lot of elixirs. Sort of like some 21-year old co-ed at a fraternity mixer.

As my healing began to grow on gear alone, I've begun to swap my consumables. I've been trying to do the Ego thing and get more into mana regeneration. I've gone to Blackened Sporefish as my food. And Elixir of Mastery and Draenic Wisdom. Self buffed, I'm at around 378 mana regen--without potions mind you.

I guess the point of the post is three-fold:

  1. To brag about my final set of primal mooncloth
  2. To discuss how your consumables needs change as your gear does
  3. To post on a Sunday in November for NaBloPoMo


Ratshag said...

1878. Wow. That's a big number. Not that I understand what it means, anymore than when I hear Zin and Mr Hoof talking about they's +Healing, but we tanks like hearing healers being happy with their bonus. Means we die less. So /salute !

Fallén said...

Heya Bremm

Gratz on your 1878+ healing man
Will Make Curator that lil' bit easier :D:D