Friday, November 9, 2007

Blogroll Updates!

I dunno why Blogger insisted on posting my last with a post date of Thursday, but I shall endeavor to persevere -- by posting updates to the blogroll today...

The Delusional Hunter - A quite well-written blog about (you guessed it) the art of huntering. Sometimes you find good stuff in comments.

You Wake It - A co-guildies blog. Although he normally comments on my blog under "Scott" he stealth commented the other day. Only last night did I detect it was indeed someone I know.

Stormrage's Dreaming - I'm not sure where I found this one exactly. But it's a resto-druid blog that breaks the "druids use blogger; priests use wordpress" paradigm. And a good read to boot!!

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pelides said...

Woot! Thanks, Bremm!