Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sissy Fight!

TenTonHammer has an article on women in raiding which as linked by WowInsider.

I'm not going to add to the furor either of these two articles has caused. Instead, I'll just state how things go in my guild.

Our raid leader, when I'm not filling in, is held by a woman. She's awesome at ensuring everyone knows their role and what to expect. In fact, all the women in our normal Karazhan raiding group (we have 3) are awesome. Most of them play with their partners and so we avoid some of the "women as sex objects" drama. Actually, we avoid it all. We're an older guild and don't buy into the sexual tension drama that can escalate. In my guild, at least, there isn't ever any question about women knowing less, being less skilled, or any of that crap. We love our raiders - man, woman, gay, straight, old, young, black, white, Asian. It's really all about how effective and efficient you can make our guild and not about any artificial labels. So, if you're a woman (or a man) and looking for that guild where the artificial labels matter, c'mon over to Alleria. Send me a whisper in game.


pelides said...

I guess I'm really lucky with my guild. We don't have those demographic wars. We have lots of women in the guild and they're just as valued as any guy in the guild. Though, one of our Pallies, Liara, well... we tend to blame absolutely everything that goes wrong on her, whether or not she's even logged in.

Some people do like to broach the topic of politics and religion from time to time... and I bite my tongue. I want to dig in and get into a verbal duel, but I resist. It's just better for everyone that way. I was a political theory major in college... and we're an annoying bunch to say the least.

Brehm said...

Oh. Don't get me wrong. I'll blame Kikidas (our raid leader) with anything I think I can pin on her (and some stuff I can't) but that's got nothing to do with how she's respected as the voice of authority. And I've been known to blame stuff on her even if she's not logged in for 3 or 4 days. (Don't tell her).

I was a math major in college. We can, um, argue you to death with statistics. Or at least I think so. Our real secret weapon though, is throwing math at you until your eyes glaze over. THEN we have you...

bknab said...

Ewwwww math.... Your silly math-slinging tricks don't work on me Bremm, I've got natural defenses. Anything worse than a simple fraction and my brain goes into math quarantine. Nothing in - Nothing out.

But no, really, I like how we've got things running. Everybody just accepts everybody and it makes for a great time.

neshura said...

Do you know who else is awesome?


You didn't mention it, but that's probably because you were busy lighting candles at the Nesh-Shrine or arranging for the riverdancing troupe at the Nesh-Fest.