Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Great Hunter Experiment - Update

Welcome to a special feature of the blog. Weekly, for the next several weeks, we'll be doing an experiment in hunter spec. Please read on.

Honestly, not much has been done on the experiment. Which is sad because I'm going to run out of "experimental" images before we get this puppy done. I've confirmed the attendees, my only concern is Qerk as the healer. He's not playing as much these days, and if I need to rely on him I'm going to have to work around his schedule. I might have Kikidas replace with her priest as the healer in question. Which means I'd need to clear with Malignance to take the warlock spot. Also, I've had a bit of a cash flow problem this week in acquiring all the mats & pots I need to run the experiment. You may have read that I got my epic mount! Yay me.

Additionally, Qerk is away from his computer for the week, running in some silly marathon. Anyhow, the experiment will continue. Hopefully by next Thursday I'll have some more details.


Scott said...

Why not just use Boon as our healer? Same class as Qerk, just as good as a healer and is online more especially since you have K in the group?

neshura said...


If you keep stalling I will send my ravager over to hug you.

How many runs do you have to do to establish a statistically significant advantage one way or another? I would guess probably a lot, if the advantage is slight and the std dev is high.

Dustin said...

For ONCE, and only because he mentioned THE PALADIN, Scott actually makes sense. Plus the science teacher in me gets all tingly at the thought of science and WoW merging. Even if you don't use me as the healer, I'd love to have your data and do my own analysis.

As odd as it sounds, I might be able to toss it out to some of my students as an extra credit project. Seriously.

Kikidas said...

I think we should start this, right away.

Everyone needs Honor Hold reputation! I say we run Shattered Halls until Kikidas is exalted with them (at 15000/21000!!), then if you want gear to be the same, start after she gets her new sword with the ugly skin.

We can do this today! Let's do!


Brehm said...

Heh. I was actually thinking of trying to catch Boon & Kiki on. Make the Boon for Qerk switch and do it tonight. Baby can run about 8 server (earlier if he gets home) and we can take at least the first shot at this? Can someone who CAN schedule (i.e. is not at work and can log in) set this up and see if we can get Owaru to tank? Pretty please with gold pieces on top.

Brehm said...

And by 8 server, I mean closer to 6 server. Sometimes being an hour off of server time makes my math go wonky.