Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All of 'em are good.

Thanks, Galadria for the post idea. She recently posted a /rant post on her blog that talked about excluding a class from a raid based on gear or spec. She went on to say it was the person on the other end of the internet that could make or break the deal.

I absolutely agree. I think good players are just good. I know there are some people that I know out there that I'd play with any of their characters. There's an understanding of the mechanics and knowing what a particular class can do that comes through when you've found one of these rare gems.

I know we all have alts. When you find a good (truly good) player, do yourself a favor and get a list of their alts. If the player is good, the build/spec/class of the character has very little to do with what you can accomplish.

Once, when my hunter was just barely 70, I got a comment from someone I played a lot with at the time. He said "It was cool to group with your hunter. You play him well - just like you do all of your characters." At the time, I took it as a compliment to myself. But after reading the above post, I'm beginning to see connections outside myself. Perhaps I'm one of those good players, whose good at lots of things.

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bknab said...

Don't worry Bremm. You're NOT one of those good players.