Thursday, September 13, 2007

A little ornery

So, lately as a responsible person in power in my guild, I've been trying to post things on our GroupCalender (get this or a similar in game scheduling tool if you don't already use one) and last night's run was Onyxia. I posted the run a week in advance giving everyone time to get themselves attuned to go down the black scaly lady.

How many of the legion of folks who were unattuned got attuned?




Right - ONE. One. 1.

So when I finally announced the Ony run wasn't going on, several of the folks who had signed up but failed to get keyed started clamoring for "SV, Slabs, Arc, Bot, BM, SV, SH, etc. etc."

What did I do? That's right. I took my 70 warlock to Ramparts (normal) to help the guy who did bother getting attuned to do a quest.

Karazhan is Friday. Tomorrow I intend to write about the differences between running Kara and a 5-man heroic.

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