Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Getting the Guildies Keyed

Well, I've not taken the warlock out of the barn for a good long time (other than fulfilling an adamantite bullet addicition for my hunter) and it was high time I did. Since a new 70 paladin tank (Owaru) needed his second Karazhan key fragment and what we really needed was DPS, I volunteered Bremette. (Bremagorn the hunter is already revered with Cenarion and Bremm's healing wasn't required as we had another awesome in-guild healer (Yorkshire) to pick up my slack) so the warlock seemed the obvious choice.

Due to time constraints we took a sneaky, meandering path with minimal pulls to get to the fragment jar and still down all 3 bosses. Alas, most of the drops were greeded for vendoring as we had no enchanter with us--and the second boss didn't drop my engineering recipe.

With that behind us, Owaru still needed his third key fragment. With some folks needing to log off, sleep, etc. we shuffled some characters around and ended up with a (mostly) in-guild run to the third fragment. Success. We even swapped out one of our (already keyed) DPSers for another Paladin tank (Noosh) when we were at the fragment. Two birds with one stone and two more tanks one step closer to offtanking Karazhan (or even main tanking for all I care)

Tonight we've got Onyxia. I know -- Onyxia, what sort of crazy talk is this. Isn't Onyxia like a 60 instance from back in the day when you had to walk to Molten Core, uphill (both ways) and in the snow with no shoes? Well, Yes. It is an "old world" raid. Lately what the guild has been trying to do (lately, ha. One other time) is set aside Wednesdays for the raid instances we are nostalgic about. Last week we did Molten Core (first three bosses) and this week Ony. In a couple weeks, we'll do Blackwing Lair. A good part of the loot was sharded (or crystalled as is more appropriate with epics) but we did take some pre-60's guys in there. All in all a warrior, hunter and mage all 57 or less got MC Epics last week. I'm not sure how the Onyxia hat drops compare to other outland gear, but for someone not at max-level it may be pretty significant.

But, Brem, I hear you decry, isn't this just a lot of time spent in old stuff when you could be doing Kara or something? Well, maybe is my definitive answer. I think even though the instances are easy-mode for 70's that it gives at least a glimpse of what a raid instance is like to the folks who've never seen it. And since we can safely take the 55-60 crowd with us, there's potentially some great loot for them. And besides. It's fun.

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