Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to a new blog idea I'm trying to start. I'm an over 40 gamer, spending a great deal of time in Blizzard's World of Warcraft. I've built four characters to the current maximum level and have a smattering of various lower level characters that I basically just fool around with. What my guild needs of me most right now is to play my healer. I like my healer, I do. He's a 70 priest, set up to heal -- and at this he excels. And to some degree, my guild has the right to ask me to heal most of the time. They've gone on gear runs with me, they've helped me complete quests, they've passed on loots I can use more. So, they've paid their dues with the priest and I need to expect to pay mine. This blog, in fact, is even named after the priest.

Names are important to me, but so is having everyone know who is behind my toons. To that end, each of them has a name consisting of some permutation of 'brem' in the first several letters. We have -

  1. Bremm - 70 Priest, Holy Disc Specialization
  2. Brehm - 70 Warrior (semi-retired), currently arms/fury spec for what little PVP he does
  3. Bremette - 70 Warlock, played only slightly more frequently than Brehm. And most of the time she's making bullets for --
  4. Bremagorn - 70 Hunter. When I'm soloing or doing pick up group things, this is the dude I love to play
That's the 70's. In future posts (assuming there are any) I'll probably talk about the others. As well as what I've done most recently in Azeroth.

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