Friday, September 14, 2007

Three miners walk into a bar...

So I finally decided that my current crop of maximum level characters had silly tradeskills:

  • Bremm (70 Priest) 375 Herbalism/375 Alchemy
  • Bremette (70 Warlock) 375 Mining/370ish Engineering
  • Brehm (70 Warrior) 375 Mining/350ish Blacksmithing
  • Bremagorn (70 Hunter) 375 Mining/375 Jewelcrafting
Q: What's wrong with this picture?
A: My holy priest doesn't have tailoring and can't wear the "best" healing gear


The easiest solution, of course, is to drop one of my priest's skills and level tailoring. So that's what I did. But since I'm specced for elixirs and have discovered a handful of alchemy recipes I didn't want to give that up. Must be I'm dropping herbalism.

But, how am I going to make potions when I don't have any raw materials? Buy them at the AH? You jest. So I need to drop herbalism on my priest and pick up tailoring. Additionally, I'm dropping mining from one of my THREE (yeah. wow) miners and pick up herbalism. Then the herbalist can feed the alchemist. The two miners can supply for all three crafts requiring metal, and the priest can get busy sewing.

So far, I've dropped mining on the lock and started herbalism. Weed pulling commenced in Elwynn forest (sorry lowbies if a gnome warlock on a dreadsteed zoomed by and ninjaed all your herbs) and she's at 117 herbalism. I'm hoping to have her up to 375 by the end of the weekend when I can drop my herbalism on the priest and start the slow craft of sewing.

I looked at a guide for tailoring. This is going to take a LOT of cloth. Good thing I'm planning to run guildies through low instances for the moderate price of "all your cloth are belong to me."

Hope it works.

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Mike said...

"all your cloth are belong to me."

Okay, that was pretty funny. :) From what I've seen online, you're already cranking through your skill advancement -- apparently the plan's working!