Monday, August 24, 2009

Racials - Wrapup

Well, I'm not going into the Horde side racial abilities much at all. The purpose of the racial talents preview was to attempt to divine what Worgen and Goblins (if they were the new races) would have for racial abilities.

I've been to Blizzcon since I started the article.

So here they are:

Goblin Racial Abilities:

  • +15 to Alchemy skills. Plus mana and health potions have a larger effect.
  • Rocket Belt (barrage) shoots rockets and does damage
  • Rocket Belt (charge) propels the goblin forward (these two share a cooldown)
  • Best possible gold discounts from vendors regardless of reputation.
Worgen Racial Abilities:
  • Speed Boost for the Worgen, much like a rogue's sprint or cat form prowl.
  • +15 to Skinning skill. Plus the ability to skin faster
  • 15% reduced duration of poisons and curses used against the Worgen
  • 1% increased damage from all attacks
As everything announced about Cataclysm, these are subject to change. They also seem pretty darn good compared to some of the other races' abilities. In fact, it was mentioned that some other existing racial abilities might also get some revamping.

It seems like +15 is the new chosen "magic" number for skill increases, so I wouldn't be surprised to see any race that has intrinsic skill bonuses (i.e. Gnomes & Engineering, Draenei & Jewelcrafting, Blood Elves & Enchanting, Tauren & Herbalism) get their bonus buffed to 15 as well as add some other small effect like both the Worgen & the Goblins have.

All in all, quite an exciting development on the crafting front.

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