Monday, August 24, 2009

Losses in Cataclysm

Since the news from Blizzcon is still making its way onto the net I thought I'd cover what we're losing in Cataclysm - Apart from a really painful 1-60 leveling that is.

There's quite a few stats that are being removed from equipment: Spell Power, Attack Power, Defense, Armor Penetration and Mana Per 5 Seconds. Don't fret just yet, there's still good news.

There's a new stat still not clear to us mere mortals in its implementation: Mastery. From the panels, I gleaned that "whatever your character cares about doing" will be increased by Mastery. So, I'm guessing that tanks will get better defense and expertise, BM hunters will get better damage and better pet stuff, healers will land better heals. The details still aren't clear.

So, going away is Spell Power, to be made up for based on Intellect. Also making a departure is Attack Power, apparently to come from Agility and/or Strength. MP5 will be made up for by better Spirit. Defense, like current druid builds, will be made up for by talent spec.

And lastly with many stats falling off of current gear, the Blizzard guys noted that much more stamina would be on most gear. So all the DPS and Healers in the world won't suffer from "Tank HP Envy" any longer.