Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Burning Up Some Groceries

Ah yes, the daily cooking quest in Dalaran. Remember back in the day when we did cooking quests for The Rokk? He only had four options, and for the most part they involved going someplace specific to cook something (Soup for the Soul, Super Hot Stew) or going someplace specific to gather something (Manalicious, Revenge is Tasty).

WOTLK upgraded (pshaw!) the quests by adding a quest for a total of five. The problem is that fully 80% of the quests have you competing with others for (very limited in most cases) ground spawns. It doesn't matter whether you're collecting wild carrots from Crystalsong Forest, Mustard from Dalaran City grassy areas, Half Empty Wineglasses from tables in Dalaran buildings, or venturing into the sewers to secure Magic-Infused Mushrooms. Four of these quests have you fighting the most tenacious mobs in the game - other players! Let me tell you, it's not half bad doing these quests if you can manage to get online when there aren't thousands of others attempting to do the same thing at the same time. I know I'm not the only one annoyed by having to "camp" spawn points to have even a miniscule chance of completing my quests.

There is, I think, a much needed improvement that isn't terribly hard to implement. Instead of having the daily cooking quest be the same for every character on the server, have them be randomly assigned at the time you speak to the quest giver. If only 20% of the server population were harvesting mustard, the time invested in getting a stupid cooking token could be minimized.

And since I'm on the topic, exactly where, Blizzard, is the skill in stealing a wheel of cheese and pouring six glasses of wine into a jug? There isn't even a fire involved. How can this be a daily cooking quest? All of them really are more about being daily clicking quests. Soon I'll be exalted with my mouse.


Selma said...

not to mention that pouring people's half filled wine glasses into a jug to give to other people is very gross and unsanitary. Where do they come up with this shite??

Oh and congrats Brem on being the luckiest priest who doesn't want to heal!!!

Love you!!!

Frostpact said...

The only cooking daily that I've found to be a pain (time spent doing it wise) would be the Cheese and Wine one. Standing around the inn, with 30 other players and watching for the sparkling glass is not fun.