Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too Much to Do

'm beginning to feel like there really is too much to do in just a single day. Blizzard has wisely limited us to completing only twenty-five daily quests in a day. But how does this break itself down? I can only answer for myself but here's the quests I can't seem to get completed in a single evening of play:

  1. Daily Cooking Quest - I will admit I've not been as religious about doing this one as I once was. The problem I have with it is the time of day I'm forced to do it. Since I need a "real" job to support my WoW, I don't get online until about 5 PM. At this time of day there are dozens, nay dozens of dozens, of people doing this quest. And Blizzard in perhaps the biggest boneheaded move of the expansion made almost every one of these quest rely on ground spawns in and around Dalaran. There is enough vitriol in me to make this a fully-fledged post on its own. Look for it in the near future.
  2. Daily Jewelcrafting Quest - I believe the jewelcrafters are the only poor souls to have one of their (limited) daily quest slots taken up by their craft. And I've written before about how much all of these quests suck.
  3. Argent Crusade Quests (5) in Zul'Drak - These become abailable after you finish Pa'Troll the first time. The objectives for Pa'Troll are to finish four other quests. There is even an additional reward for completing them all in under twenty minutes. My hunter is really needing the epic chest piece reward from being exalted, so this is definitely on the list.
  4. Wyrmrest Accord - Protecting the temple. Honestly it is hard enough to get this bugger done at all with all the competition in the area for the mobs. All I generally see are the tapped mobs and I have to search for things I can get credit for. I wouldn't even try it in under 2 minutes 30 seconds. Although, Schaden did it. Gratz to him.
  5. Kalu'ak Quests (3) in Howling Fjord, Dragonblight and Borean Tundra - All of these are pretty simple and don't take much time individually. The travel time between the three areas is not short by any means though. And once I have the fishing pole and the Pengu, I'll probably not visit them again.
  6. Sons of Hodir (2-5) in Storm Peaks - These quests open up as you complete other quests for the Sons of Hodir and as your reputation increases. For many of the quests, you'll do a "starter" quest to establish an item in the phased Sons of Hodir headquarters (an anvil, a horn, a spear, etc.) From that point on, each of these objects will have a daily quest. This is a very important faction to build up as quickly as possible. They have the only new shoulder enchants in the game. The honored level enchants are equivalent (roughly) to the exalted Aldor/Scryer enchants. While it may be acceptable to use the Aldor/Scryer versions until the Sons rep grows, after reaching at least honored, these are better as they don't take the arcane runes/holy dust (8 of the appropriate one for the exalted enchant) but instead only cost cash. Regrettably, this faction cannot be increased by wearing a tabard because there isn't one.
  7. Knights of the Ebon Blade in Icecrown - I don't have an exact number of these, but I'm guessing its at least four. Valuable if your KotEB rep needs a shot in the arm, but for me they are lower priority since the exalted rewards aren't as worth it for a mail-wearing non-casting DPSer.
  8. Frenzyheart/Oracles (3) in Sholazar Basin - I don't know why I even mention the puppy-men since it seems everyone is doing the Oracles quests in the hope for a green protodrake mount from the mysterious egg. These, at least, have achievements associated -- One for doing all 8 possible Big-tongue Quests, one for doing all 8 possible Puppy-men Quests, and one for being exalted with both factions (Obviously can't be done at the same time since they have inverse faction gains).
  9. PVP Dailies in Grizzly Hills - I don't know precisely how many there are or even what faction they grant. This far down on the list and I'm rapidly losing my patience. I'm fairly certain there are four quests that are available though.
  10. Valiance Expedition - I can't speak for the Horde half of these quests. I'm certain there are analogs to the Alliance Version. But I know of one in Howling Fjord (bombing pirates) and a decent number in Icecrown. Hell, half the Icecrown quests seem to turn into dailies. The other half, of course, are used for phasing in the final version of the map.
  11. Daily Battleground - Yeah. Right.
  12. Daily Dungeon & Daily Heroic Dungeon - Even with the shorter (and easier) WOTLK dungeons, The odds of doing this AND the other dailies is out of the question. The rewards are nice however, the daily grants tokens for 250 rep with Argent Crusade, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Kirin Tor or Wyrmrest Accord. The heroic grants badges (Yes, I still call them badges).

So, at a conservative estimate that's 31 quests. No wonder I can't complete them all in a day. Seriously though, if I do even the daily dungeon & heroic dungeon I've no time for others. If I only do one dungeon (and who would do heroic Occulus after the first time?) I may have time for the Sons, Kalu'ak and Jewelcrafting. If I do neither dungeon, I'm apt to do Argent Crusade and the Sholazar as well. At any rate, I'm on daily quest overload!


Davarnus said...

My advice?

There's another couple of years to go of this expansion. Pace yourself. Pick just 2 of the factions you want to concentrate on and do their dailies when possible until you have reached your goal, then switch to a different group.

That way you have plenty of time each evening to do something in the game you actually *want* to do :)

Ironshield said...

Brem - you do not have time to do dailies, mister! Get your tailoring butt into the AH, buy Netherweave cloth stacks, buy thread, make bags (do the dishes while they are being made), list the bags. Rinse and repeat. Yesterday I made 1000g doing that and selling vanity pets. It all took 30 mins. 10 mins before work. 10 mins right after work, 10 mins mid evening. slightly more than 1000g in one day for only 30 mins. That left plenty of time to have fun.

You could argue that dailies give you rep - see poster above!